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Official Rules of Gaga Ball

  1. Objective
    The objective is to be the last player remaining in the pit by eliminating others through hitting them below the knee with the ball.
  2. Setup and Playing Area
    • The game is played in an octagonal pit which is constructed to allow the ball to bounce back and eliminate players. The walls are slightly above waist level, to allow players to be eliminated by hitting the ball out of the pit.
    • The pit’s walls should be low enough for easy entry and exit but high enough to keep the ball contained.
  3. Game Start
    • All players must start with one hand touching the pit wall.
    • The game begins when a player throws the ball approximately into the center, allowing it to bounce three times.
    • On the first and second bounces, players shout “Ga!” and on the third bounce, players shout “Go!” (or “Ball!”) and the round begins.
    • Each round ends when one player is eliminated.
    • At the end of each round (elmination), a player tosses the ball back into the center to allow it to bounce three times.
    • Rounds continue u
  4. Basic Rules of Play
    • Players can hit the ball with an open hand or fist but cannot hold, catch, or throw the ball.
    • A player is eliminated if the ball hits them below the knee. If the ball directly hits the knee cap with no contact below the knee at all, the player is still in. If any contact is made below (and including) the kneecap, the player is out. The back of the knee is generally considered out.
    • Players must not kick the ball.
    • If the ball flies out of the pit, the last player to touch it is eliminated.
    • Players cannot hit the ball twice in a row unless it rebounds off the pit wall or another player (known as “double-tap” or “self-pass”).
  5. Elimination Rules
    • A player is out if:
      • The ball touches them below the knee.
      • They hit the ball out of the pit.
      • They catch or throw the ball.
      • They kick the ball.
      • They commit a violation, such as holding the ball.
  6. Re-Entry Rules
    • Once a player is out, they must leave the pit immediately.
    • Depending on house rules, the last player remaining may invite previously eliminated players back in for another round.
  7. Winning the Game
    • The last player remaining in the pit is declared the winner.
  8. Other Regulations and House Rules
    • Referees: A referee can be appointed to oversee the game, enforce rules, and settle disputes.
    • Time Limits: Some games may have a time limit.
    • Team Play: Gaga ball can also be played with teams.

These rules are flexible and can vary slightly depending on the location or specific group playing the game.